I was rendering stuff at le 3D class and it was taking entirely too long so I spent like the entire class period doodling weird stuff. Hooray!

Because all my doodles have themes, the first doodlesheet is basically me doodling whatever happened to come on on my iPod. The second one is me pondering possibly giving the Icy Taco versions of the Star Sweep chars some kind of attack power? And the last one is silliness that resulted from me thinking about spoiler stuff but not wanting to actually draw it. :B (There were some more chars to either side of them but I cut them off because of reasons.)

To Larry: Out of everyone in the DP, who cooks the best?

Well, it used to be Kris before he moved out. Hm, Hasaki’s been learning to cook… Oh! I guess Klav cooks sometimes! He knows how to make some good stuff, too!